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rincon wheels on an 02 foreman

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what do i need to do to put 07 rincon wheels and 27"tires on a 02 foreman??
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Im thinking that the rincon wheels are the same offset as your front ones now, but Im pretty sure that rear ones will not work. As for the tires on most foremans you can clear 27's with no lift, it might rub a little down there by the foot peg
You can flip the rear wheels around backwards and they are then the same offset as your stock rears.
Didnt think about that, I found this post where a guy did it. Just be sure check the lugs after you ride it a couple miles to make sure the lug nuts seated into the wheel good since it'll be backwards
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well i did it!!

actually the wheels on the Rincon stuck out a little bit so they are fine on my Foreman. i ordered 2" spacers and will post pics when they get in!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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