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QUOTE ("Rincon 650":buu6plxr)
Thanks Railroader..Do you have a winch?.. I am still confused. I dont mind paying for a good winch.. But have just heard of several people that have Warn Winchs and that they have died in water after 6 months. And these are supposed to be the best? What do I do. I want it to be a ONE TIME big purchase.. I gotta order this probably on Monday before the money gets spent elsewhere... You know how that goes.
this is prolly late, but i'll post my experience.

Warn winches have never failed any of the people I have known to have them on Trucks.........

I have one on my 03 rinny and my buddy used it about 10 times in the last few years and for plowing.......I have used it about 10 times since I got it 3 weeks ago.........(twice stuck, once to test it out, and a handful of times to winch down'd trees out of the way)

I put the cable about 12 ft up on a tree and winched myself out of a hole and off a log i got hi center'd on and I kept pulling(mind you with the engine not running)I pulled the bike all the way up the 12ft of tree to the end of the cable.I was impressed.

I have had the winch submerged in water about half the time I have been riding thing I do is when I wash the bike I get the winch nice and wet................then get home and hook the winch to a tree and freespool it out and winch it back in to make sure she is working and has a nice and need spool.

I've winched a 60 ft 12" diameter tree out of the way with it. I will be winching another bigger one out of the way of a trail as soon as i get my snatch blocks and d rings and I can anchor my arse of the atv to another tree as so it won't pull me in lol.

yeah bigger is always better so if you have the loot get the 3.0, but i have the 2.5............IF I ever upgrade I'll have to figure out what to do in order to get a 4.0 to fit on the ute atv,(they say it's only for RTV's
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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