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rincon starter

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Hey fellow rinnies has anyone had a problem with their starter staying on.Everytime I turn the key on in neutral it starts and starts was a real pain in the a$$ at mud fest what in the heck could it be.It did stop for a couple min but then it started again what to do?
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Sounds like the soilenoid is sticking. Your saying that the starter keeps running after it starts or does it just start without hitting the button.

Make sure your starter button isn't sticking also.
both when its in neutral and key on the starter just runs and when you press the front brake
You need the Honda Mechanic.
who is that
Do you have a shop manual to test the starter relay switch ...?..If not here are the tests for the relay ..

First un-plug the relay coupler then turn the key on to see if the starter still turns by itself ..

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Honda Mech.

You are truly a big plus for this site!
Re: Honda Mech.

QUOTE ("rufus":350gaimp)
You are truly a big plus for this site!
I'll second that!
I figured it out I was the relay tested the switch and the starter.The relay was sticking but is working for now will order one soon thanks for the picks never saw thoes pages in my book till you showed them thanks dude
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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