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which is your favorite big bore

  • 650 rincon

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  • kawasaki brute force 750

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  • king quad 700

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  • grizzly 660

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  • polaris 800 or 700 EFI

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  • outlander 800

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  • artic cat H1 650

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  • artic cat V-twin 650

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rincon pictures

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i know a few of the people on this site have rincons so lets see some pics
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come on lets see some big-bore pics on this tread
anyone here riddin the outlander 800 yet???
QUOTE ("Robb":3to4rljt)
anyone here riddin the outlander 800 yet???
No, but there is a guy that has one out where we ride.
Very nice machine!! Carl tooks some pictures of it a while
back...I'll have to see if I can find them.
they say that thing has 62 horse power ..i drove the brute force and i thought that its 52 horsepower was alot! cant wait to drive one

i must admit that i dont really like the bombardier that much over all though...just the power
Here is a pic of the outlander.
If I had the $, I would have one for sure.
That was when that ol' boy first got it. You ought to see it now. He has
it snorkeled & some kind of exhaust on it. It sounds good thats for sure.
I don't know if i would take something that cost $10,000 under water or
i bet he can turn those tires in high gear even in the thick stuff
I voted for the Brute Force. I love the looks, the power, and the sound of that big bore. Too bad the Bike is a POS and they are always broken. Oh well. As for the outlander, I more than likely will be buying one in the next couple of months, and they do say 62HP, but I talked to the dyno guys that did my bike and they did the new 800 and it only put out 34 RWHP. That is still big power from a bone stock bike.
Johns whos brute force did you ride
rode a silver one done the street in new roads right next to the dealer....i gots connextions you know
they are not supposed to be letting people do that in the first place but now they are getting strict about it....a while back a employee at the dealer was showing the customer how much power one had by doing donuts on the blaktop and he flipped it and broke an arm....i dont think he works there anymore sammy knew they were doing it & didnt really care but he could not let that pass or he might lose his license or something-dont qoute me about this to anyone else cause this just what i know how screwed up new roads is
I cast my vote for the new Rincon. If Honda went back to the drawing board on a machine to revise it, it has to be good. I was really looking through the big bores, and have yet to find one without it's share of problem reports from it's owners, and that is why I decided to stick with Honda and get a Foreman 500. Ride Red.........Or a Camo Rinny!
I voted for the brute, they have a crap load of power, and the one i have right now hasn't broke yet and i have been giving it ****. Is the outlander a Vtwin or just a single cilinder?
QUOTE ("kdaddy":eprjesb4)
Is the outlander a Vtwin or just a single cilinder?

a v-twin
I like this one
i voted for the new rincon. i love mine it has loads of power. when i first got on it I almost flipped it back on top of me. i dont even have to try to do a wheeli and it does! it rides like a dream and it starts up nice in the cold weather we have been getting. it shifts like a dream too.i would never go back to my moded 450.
it is an awsome machine.

:Honda guy
Here is mine...
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