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Rincon overheating

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Am I the only one whos 05 rincon is overheating ? I'ved cleaned the rad. checked the coolant,the fan works. But still after only 3 or 4 miles the light comes on. anybody??????
Thanks Einstein
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Mine is doing the samething. I have wired a switch for the fan to make sure the fan is running all the time. I have also put a temp gauge so I would know if its the radiator or the oil. So I'm now waiting on highlifter to sent me their bigger radaitor and going to bolt to the front rack. Hopefully this will fix the problem.
Thanks for the info I'll try the fan idea.If you don't mind me asking how much for the bigger radiator and is it going to be easy install.
It was around $450 and it looks easy to install. If you go on highlifters web site the show how to install it. Also you may want to remove your oil cooler and put a few fender washer between it and the radiator. This will allow for easier cleaning of the radiator.
Black Rinny...I was reading that there is a coolant additive, that drops the running temp 50-70 degrees. Also some type of oil additive that drops this 30-50 degrees. I am going to try this and will post the results. The radiator additive is not an antifreeze...It will not help if you rideincold weather, but here in Fl..this is not a problem. I will find the name brand and post as well for the Rincon owners. Fingers are crossed..
Its called water watter and I'm useing it right now and I have the highlifter oil additive in also.
This was called something else...I dont know if you were kidding on the name..this is an actual additive that you change your radiator fluid with.. It supposedly is real good. If in fact this is the stuff I am talking about..And you are still having overheating probs..then I will pass. I am checking now.
water watter

He meant "Water Wetter." Do a google. It looks like it's not working though. ???
Guess not.. Ill see if it something else
Re: water watter

QUOTE ("ak500":3106y3sv)
He meant "Water Wetter." Do a google. It looks like it's not working though. ???
well spelling was never my strong point
Engine Ice works really good also.
Overheating too...Dry conditions have turn all the water holes into thick goop...Either 40W or 80W depending on how thick it is...One run through this stuff can cake your radiator solid.

I clean my radiator by taking the side cover off and removing the oil each piece separately is much easier and faster.
So far..So good. I am not ovrheating al all. But I do have a quetion.. Do they make an oversized radiator that will fit here the origional one goes. I really dont want to mount the after market one on the rack.. Just a thought
Engine Ice works great havent tried any of the oil additives yet .having same thing in my 06
Black Rinny was at Vaughns house on Saturday and pulling the thermostat out .. Hopefuly that was just stuck. I spoke to him on the phone and he said that he rode all day and on the way back, it started to get hot. Dunno .. On the other hand, Vaughn broke 2 axles and he is selling all 4 of his 28 inch Outlaws...
Ok this is going to sound insulting to fneinstein: but please don’t soot me. I have many and I mean many who have told me there Rincon over heating, and stated there radiator clean, first think I do is check same and about 98 % are not clean. , most people can't get there radiator clean due to there not enough space between radiator and oil cooler, take your machine apart , remove your oil cooler and bet you find some blocked fins from mud debris ect.
Then add few spacers to extend length just a little bit on oil cooler.
Oh make sure your oil cooler is clean too then reassemble adding engine ice for your coolant straight from bottle.
also remove that little screen in front if it gets wet it will plug up in heart bet with dust stopping allot of your air flow , and I bet you won't over heat after doing this if , you are need to check thermostat , oil pump , water pump. But most likely it’s the problem with the radiator. It takes few hrs to do all this but in end you know you have a clean radiator ECT with out any doubt.
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medic 13, I dont get mad I get even! Just kidding. I should have responded sooner. You are right.I spent about 30 min. (very carefully) with pres. washer on rad. and cooler. Rincon ran fine on next ride.
thanks for your input.......
flush rad, change thermostat. Thermostat not opening all the way(8mm).
worked for me
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