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Rincon or Foreman?

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Hello, I currently have a stock 04, foreman ES except for 26 inch mudlight radials. I have in mind to buy a Rincon 680. I do trail riding mostly with some mud involved but nothing very tough, prefer to go around really big holes. My question to you guys is this, will the Rincon get bogged down with the bigger tires and will I get left behind for my son to laugh at or will the Rinny be able to handle the slop?.
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so how many belts did the arctic crap and kawi burn up on that ride?
None lol, but the Brute had a flat tire
is that a 750 brute? How does it go against your rincon?
Yeah it is. I've never driven it myself, but from what I can tell from riding with it is that is has a lot more power, doesn't handle or ride nearly as good, does about the same in the mud, my Rincon being a little better because of the better tires and more GC. The Brute is a nice machine, a very nice machine.
i like the look of the machine but i hear they have alot of problems, my buddy knows a guy that has one, he had to replace tierod ends put tire spacers in the back so that his 26" mudlites wouldn't rub on the gas tank, and he had to put pieces of tire tube on the inside of his fenders to stop the water from hitting the engine and stalling it, not to mention he has gone through a couple of belts with very few miles. i think i will stick with my honda, to me the extra power is not worth the hassle.
That one there has 27" mudlights with no rubbing problems. Only thing that went wrong with it was a buss connector went out when he sank it, thats all I know. He might not be telling me everything that broke though lol
he must have aftermarket rims that are offset for it, i know buddies 26"s rub for sure.
there stock rims.
Yup they are stock rims.
May long weekend

Cadomin is out, there is still about 9'of snow up there. Buddy was up last week and he said he should have brought the sleds. Nordegg it is. Will try to get good photos and post to my web site. Have fun at Brule.
are the back tires on the brute 12x10, i know when you use 12x12 mudlites on the back they will rub on the tank, unless you use wheel spacers
I think they're 12's.

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I myself was looking at the Rincon and noticed there isn't a trunk in the back.
Were is the storage you might say. Left front fender , enough room for a cell phone or GPS. Thats it.
The Foreman has a trunk big enough for toe straps and what ever else you can stuff in there and dri storage on the front left fender. WTF is up with that.
My rancher has more storage space, then the Rincon. It's stupid stuff like like that make me look for a better rig. IRS looks good from a distance , have a closer look and you'll notice that its cast aluminum. WTF is up with that.
Hydraulic disk braking system is all this machine has going for it. Piss on brake cables..... IMHO. Get a couch there cheaper and you wont have buyers remorse. I can assure you will have some sleepless nights wondering wtf did I just buy for $7000!
I've never heard of any problems with the Aluminum A-arms.............has anyone had problems with them?
my buddy has ran into everything you can imagine with his rincon and never had a problem with his A-arms.
Mine spends most of its time on the two back wheels and I have no problems with the a-arms. The storage box is bigger than it looks, its about the same size has the ones on my Ranchers. Holds a jumbo kinder surprise egg (reg. paper holder lol), a 25ft tow strap, and a cell phone in there fine.

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if theres one thing i learned about honda's it would be to never question the structural integrity of the machine.
I reciently purchased a 05 Rincon with 28' laws and i turn the **** out of them. The Bike also has a high lifter reduction. Great bike, rides nice, plenty of enough power to do the job.
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