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Rincon or Foreman?

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Hello, I currently have a stock 04, foreman ES except for 26 inch mudlight radials. I have in mind to buy a Rincon 680. I do trail riding mostly with some mud involved but nothing very tough, prefer to go around really big holes. My question to you guys is this, will the Rincon get bogged down with the bigger tires and will I get left behind for my son to laugh at or will the Rinny be able to handle the slop?.
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I myself was looking at the Rincon and noticed there isn't a trunk in the back.
Were is the storage you might say. Left front fender , enough room for a cell phone or GPS. Thats it.
The Foreman has a trunk big enough for toe straps and what ever else you can stuff in there and dri storage on the front left fender. WTF is up with that.
My rancher has more storage space, then the Rincon. It's stupid stuff like like that make me look for a better rig. IRS looks good from a distance , have a closer look and you'll notice that its cast aluminum. WTF is up with that.
Hydraulic disk braking system is all this machine has going for it. Piss on brake cables..... IMHO. Get a couch there cheaper and you wont have buyers remorse. I can assure you will have some sleepless nights wondering wtf did I just buy for $7000!
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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