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Rincon lift questions?

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Mac102004, if you are listening, please let me know more about your lift.

I read in another post that black rinny told me to read about the HL 2" lit.

I read the article about it messing up the axles do to the extreme axle angle.

I seen that mac has the perflex w/the HL springs, how much lift does this give you, and does it mess with the axles?
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Well I bought a 1.5" lift for the bike, metbe later I will add the HL springs.
I guess I should come here more often lol.


They are crap, and the company is a crock of ****. They recalled the rear springs and are replacing them free of charge. I call them and they tell me to send pics yada yada yada they tell me they will only exchange them if its less then 3 months old, and they won't replace them no way no how. I am stuck buying a new rear set.

Any way, the kit is stainless steel, lifts it 1-1.5", its a great kit. I'm selling mine for $50 because I just upgraded to a 3" Rubberdown kit. Neither of the lifts use any type of spring pucks, they are pure bracket lifts. The Perfex kit is definitely a great kit, but the Rubberdown kit is awesome, strongest lift kit you will ever buy...period! Here are some pics of the lifts. The dirty non painted one is the Perfex kit, and the painted black lift is the Rubberdown kit.

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Bike looks good, I bought a 1.5" lift for mine, that looks just like your perflex.

I know you told my that the Rincon was probably not the bike for me, but I went ahead and got it. I payed $6700, dealer cost.

I went out with it with 27" outlaws, the bike did well. Yes it did bog, but the tires were almost covered with thick mud, but it never stopped turning them.

I am planning on getting the dynatek, and a exhaust for it, they claim 11 hp gains.

Let me know how that 3" kit works for you, and if you have any axle problems with it.
Will do.

You probably won't see an 11hp gain with the EFI tuner and the exhaust, more like 6-7hp. Its definitely worth the $$ though.
Even if it is an 6 hp gain, for $420.00 it is worth it.
Its very worth it. EFI is much easier to tune them carbs
that is the beautiful thing about EFI.

Let my know if you have a problem with axles with the 3" lift.

I have read that the 3" is to much for the stock axles.
i have an hl 2in lift coming for my 08 rincon 680 it comes with spring brackets and spring stiffener spacers, can i install the lift without spacers and have the same effect, really worried about loss of ride quality, i know i will lose some ride quality just trying to salvage some
It won't do much of anything without the spacers. In fact all the rear lift is is 2" spring spacers.
thanks mac thats what i needed to know
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