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Rincon going deep

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Awesome Post Rubicon3303.

Great to see Rincon going deep.

Mine only goes about 32" deep.

I can not get them up either. Keeps saying " Page can not be found ".. Hmmmmm
QUOTE ("Rincon 650":2oaxqllk)
I can not get them up either. Keeps saying " Page can not be found ".. Hmmmmm

Thats because he went so deep,,,,,,Cant find him!


Round Man..
My rincon hates to go deep, i was actually very disappointed a month or so back... My friend and i were tryin to take a little river that went under a highway to get to some more riding area... and when my friend went through on his 06 grizz (he and i baught our quads at the same time in May) he got to the deepest point, and his quad started to just put through it, and almost stalled out he eventually made it to a more shallow area but got stuck... I then tried it and had the same problem where even though i had the gas pinned at WFO i was still barely putting through and eventually stalled once i made it to the more shallow stuff and got stuck, but after that it started up after a few cranks and was fine... On the way back, i went through first, and my quad did the same thing again... It didn't stall though, but i was still annoyed cause my friends grizzly made it through fine. Why'd my rincon pull that weak putting stuff? the water was probly just below the seat...
Several reasons... Is the bottom drain tube blocked ??? This will suck water into the carb and run like $hit.. Did you run the top 2 carb lines up and to the head pod ?? This will do the same thing....

Mine goes to the handle bars... No problems as all....
I don't think it's got anything to do with carb stuff since i've got an 06' EFI ... I've been told to try putting some Di-electric grease around the spark plug boot to seal it better... i've also heard that all the steam coming off the engine goes right into the intake and chokes the bike out... so idk... btw, i just found this site, and so far it's loaded with good info so i'll be stopping in daily from now on
Didn't know you had the EFI... Don't make sence that everyone elses bikes go thru that stuff and yours don't... Unless the new 06 Rincon is DRASTICALLY different...which I doubt.. It has to be the dialectic grease. Do the spark plug.. That should fix it...
i have a buddy that had an 05 griz. he had to pull the side panels off when in deep water, the water turned to steam and then it would go into stock air box. this may be your problem. do you have a snorkel on it.

i have another bud who has an 06 rincon with efi he has been up to his seat without any problems.
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