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RINCON done..

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RINCON,6" poorboy lift, 28"mudlites, 161 vinson, LRD pipe, jet kit, k/n , snorkeld....
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Very nice work there Mudslinger!
sweet looks good hows it handle
looks real good! them tires look bigger than 28s. i love them wheels also.
looks good, was that a home made lift?
looks clean. did you make that lift if so how much lift is it . it looks as if you used all your factory parts and just made brackets. nice job.
No it a kit, POORBOY lift kit 6" You can see it at Thanks for the
I'm scared just lookin at it...
AWESOME!! Looks really good,Do you have any action photos?
Very nice
$2100.00 I guess you would be a poorboy for awhile! Nice work looks great
you suck !!! that thing is awesome
Holy [email protected]!!

Nice bike!

The only thing I would change is the body plastic to black or the new camo with those new vinson wheels that thing would be bad ass!
got new tires VAMPIREs. It go way better now.
Do you have a shot of the rear? just curious
What size vamps are those? 12's all around?
Do you have wheel spacers on the rancher with the 27's in your gallery and on this one as whell?
usafhonda, Yes rear rims in front 2 1/2" spacres in rear 27x12x12 on all 4 DURABLUE spacers.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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