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Rincon Axles, Left and Right?

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Is ther a left and right to the 650 Rincon front axles. I finally got them back and installed them. I drove it in 4wd, and did not hear any cracking, banging or grinding. Did I get lucky or is there no difference...Thanx for the info..
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they show to be different, different part #'s scroll down on the left and look under front knuckels

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... 20page.htm</a>
You remember seeing the blown inboard CV joints. I had the shop order the inboard CV joints and shaft ( just the one that goes in the differential ) and 4 new boots. They told me that they were the same and it did not matter which one when where. I installed them and seems fine. I just called after getting this message and brought up the different part number and he said " I am 95 percent sure that they are the same "..........95 percent AINT GONNA CUT IT .. when I am out $350 again. Help please. Do I need to switch ATV shops? Just for thoes in Florida, This is Con's daughters shop " Moto Speed Lab "
both inboard cups are the same. it just the axleshalfs that are different.
GREAT...My dumb a$$ did not mark which ones were left and right. No way in he(( in figuring that out now. I am screwed...
length is the factor there i belive my foreman is that way, the front dif is offset to the left so the left side should be the shorter shaft. problem is you'll probably have to take them apart to measure. they may run fine now but if their wrong when you load the shock it may damage your shafts, or one for sure. the inboard cv will adjust shaft length under shock load( as suspension loads up shaft gets shorter) so if shaft to long on wrong side = more shop time and less gas $

my 2 cents any way

i would pull them and make sure there not different, i just finished a out board cv boot replace and i know the pain in the a$$ it is, good luck.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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