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Rincon Acting Funny... HELP

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My friend has a 2005 Rincon, it has 2700 miles on it. but here is how he explained it to me..

it'll go about 5o yards and then it decreases speed without lettin off the gas. it does this for about 30 mins then the problem will quiit. but then it doesn't shift from 1st to 2nd as hard as it should. i change the oil regularly.

What do you guys think it is? he does take care of this bike. it has me stumped..... HELP.
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Angle sensor, did you try doing a code retrieval. Any lights blinking
check the oil level and or change the oil. I had it happen to me one time, all i did was change the oil and it has been fine ever since.
What are you using for oil? Using the wrong kind or weight or using synthetic will not agree w/ the tranny on a Rincon.
when it happen to me I had GN4 in it. I have all ways ran honda oil.
he uses the honda oil.. gn4? but i will tell him to change it and see if that helps...
does a rinny have angle sensors??? just wondering.. i thought that was on the ES foremans for the shift motor?
Thanks guys.. any more suggestions?

oh yea... he did say that the 4x4 light would blink but he would turn the bike off and then crank it and it would stop.. he didnt know that it was a 'code' i tried to explain it to him, that didnt work. so ill look at it next weekend when i get home...
The Rincon doesn't have an angle sensor ..

Back a couple of years ago the Rincon had a couple of o'rings that would crack which lowered oil pressure ...
ok thats what i was thinking.... thanks! he is goin to change the oil tomorrow and see what happens...
Thanks for the help... any more suggestions??
Update for you guys:

Oil was changed on the Rincon, Problem Fixed....

Thanks guys!!!!
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