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Rincon A-Arms

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I need to replace the front upper A-Arm again...The Rincon 650 upper A-Arm bushings can NOT be ordered without the A-Arm...The Rincon 680 upper A-Arm bushing can be ordered without the A-Arm.

Does anybody know if the Rincon 680 bushings and collar arm will fit the Rincon 650?

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just order the rears they are the same that's what I did
Thanks Grinnie...Never had any problems with my rear A-arms bushing, but I have regreased them several times...Good to know that the rear bushings can be ordered separately for the 05 if needed.

But the upper fronts A-arm are another story, I don't know why Honda made them so narrow to begin with, puts alot of extra stress on the bushings, when you ride fast with heavy tires, and run into things all the time?

The Honda Mechanic might have definite answer here, but he is still on vacation, and everybody deserves a vacation.
No ,the rear bushings are the same as the front.I replaced my front ones @ 1,200 miles and my rear at 1,500 miles good luck they are pretty easy, this kit will work.
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... G_KITS.htm</a>
This should help you,it worked for me
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... ebuild.htm</a>
That's it...That's what I was looking for Grinnie...I've seen that ATV-Guru stuff once before, some time ago, just couldn't remember where, or who.

Parts: (2) 51464-HN2-000 shaft bushings (upper A-Arm collar)
(4) 91261-HN8-003 seals
(4) 51108-HN2-000 Rear lower A-Arm, inner bushing

Thanks again Grinnie...You the MAN.
That Guru site has some awesome looking stuff for the Rinnies.
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