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i got my snorkel kit done this morning. i ended up running it on the outside and mounting it to the front rack. i was going to go with your plan and put it in the center out the center plate in front of the light, but i do some night riding and didnt want anything blocking it.

i got to try out my bi/tri's also. i believe im unstoppable now. we went to the area that has the nastiest holes and hit all of them. bottomed out a couple of times but id just hit it harder and rock it, stand on it, or whatever it took and never got pulled out.

the best part is i got to pull out my buddies grizzley. he has had to tow me in twice so that felt real good. i had 2 cars stop and tell me that was a "bad 4-wheeler. ill get pics posted as soon as i find my digital camera.

thanks for your help. $30 bucks and its done.
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soooo buddy ya wanna help me build one
QUOTE ("Flip 500":5j4p99uz)
soooo buddy ya wanna help me build one

sure, no problem. name the time. i work all weekend til 7:30. a couple of hours and a lot of beer and thinking time is all it took.

we went to chestnut flats today and i burned it up. only on place i couldnt go. the hole was bad wollered out. i just back out.

call or p.m. me and we can see about a time.
Congratz guys.....Glad to see ya got er done...I WANT PICS.. Good job !!!!!
Now go DEEP..
so you do water wheelies in 2wd
Yes... If I use 4wd...then the water churning up gets thrown in in my face. Ha Ha Ha
haha I wishi had the power to cause that much churning heh looks like i'm gonna have to buy that pipe now
After you get it...You will wonder how you ever rode a ATV without one. That and the jet kit ( which neither of these cause any bike damage ) are the 2 best mods to do to the bike. If you did a pipe, jet kit, and then aftermarket tires..... You would not have to do anything else to go anywhere you want to go. And the important part is these wont break any parts..
Hey Filpp...DONT SELL THAT 500 SHORT.. Thoes are some torquin' a$$ bikes. Once in the water, just give er gas,, That 500 will stand right up..
haha i knowI just wish it would throw a roost like my friends grizz.......i'm working on far as torque
Everything can be tweeked....You will get er'.
if worst comes to worst.........i'll figure out how to turbocharge that lil s.o.b.
NOW YOUR TALKIN'......Give me the plans when your done. I'm up for it..
if i can figure it out i have a friend with a 700r raptor thats i'll give a try haha
Are sure you want to but a blower on a 700 Raptor??? Thoes dang things are a rocket to begin with.. Can you say Death Machine?
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