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These Recons are a pain in the neck to find rims for.
The fronts are a 22x7-11 and the rears are a 22x11-9
I would like to put a little bigger tire on them but what can I do. I'd like to just go to a 23 but will the Recon turn a 24 in the mud? I really like the dirt devils that are on the rear so I'll probably go with those. Any advise?
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I know the problem that you are talking about. It will turn 24's in the mud and it will also turn 25's. That is what I put on my recon.

Mud Lite
25X8-11 on the front
25X12-9 on the rear

I also installed a 2 inch lift all the way around. They work great on all terrain and in the mud.
I don't really want to go 25's. I'm thinking of 23's, maybe 24's max but Parts unlimited doesn't have the sizes in under 25's. I'll check Tucker Rocky tomorrow but this is a huge pain in the neck.
I had 2 Recons...and I now have a 500 and a 650...I still swear by the Recons. They are the smoothest, easiest, lightest, and most fun play bikes I know. I have 27inch Outlaws that came off of a Recon... and I " personally " have seen that bike in action with these tires. No it wont do wheelies...but you can bet your butt that it went thru some nasty nasty stuff. Recons are awsome bikes for someone smaller or younger. We have one that rides with us and we all have 500's or bigger and its like the dang energizer bunny...we look back and we cant loose that dang thing.
You ran 27's on a Recon? Did you have a pipe and lift What pipe and where'd you get the lift from?
The bike had a lift and was all stock as far as the motor was concerned. Like I said..It did not pull wheelies..but for the kids, they had a blast going thru anything and getting alot of looks. They thought it was the shits..Ha Ha Ha.
How many inch lift do you think if I were to go with 25in mudlites?
1 1/2 will be plenty. The Recon has no " stuff " under the front end of the bike .. so you will have plenty of room to turn. The rear will fit great..
Well, Maybe I'll try it. How did it ride on the trails? By chance, Do you have any pics of it?
Sorry..No pics.. This was about 3 years ago. As far as the ride.. This depends on the type of tire. A less agressive tire will ride smoother on hard pack.
go with a 2 inch lift all the way around. again i am running ITP mud lite 25s with a 2 inch lift and it works great my buddy rides a brute force and i keep right up with him. you will have trouble trying to find 23 or 24s to fit your stock rim so get the 25s and have fun. i will try to post a picture of mine shortly so you can have a look see.
I am going to go with the 25's, I have 22in dirt devils on the rear now and love them so I might stick with them in 25's. I'd love to see pics if you have them. Thanks for the info here.
if you are more of a trail rider i would go with the 25 dirt devil AT or the 25 mudlite AT . BUT, if you ride more mud than trail mudlite makes a 25 XT which has a 1-1/8 " tread instead of the 1/2" tread. hope this helps.
you will not be able to run the xt with the taller lugs unless you buy bigger rims they do not offer those in a size for the stock rims like you said you were going to use.
Wow, What a difference. I put 25 inch mudlites all the way around with a 2 inch HL lift kit and this thing is night and day difference. I don't notice any difference in speed but it pulls even better than before. I liked it so much that I let my boys (7 & cruise around on the King Quad while I rode the Recon. I loved it. Thanks for the tips here guys.
shoot im runnin 28" laws on my recon but i got engine work, look in my sigs theres pics of it and i can stand my recon up with the 28"s in third gear
i am running 4x4 rancher 400 takeoff tires and wheels on my recon they dont rub at all i dont have a lift
I have ITP SS112 with 23x8x12 fronts & 23x10x12 AMS SwampFox tires on my daughters 06 Recon ES.
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