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I live in Grosse Tete 15 minutes outside Baton Rouge looking for new people to ride with

this is what I'am riding
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Brock, check out Pat's ATV on the Breaux Bridge Hwy between Breaux Bridge and Lafayette. I went there about 2 months ago and he had 1 trail about 4 miles and was in the process of making more trails.
Any more info on this place in Breaux Bridge? I'm in BR and have family in Lafayette/Broussard. Would be easy to make a ride there
Rode at Pat's ATV last Sunday and had a great time. Plenty of trails to explore and also some deep stuff to play in, saw a lot of big bikes stuck! Parking lot was a mess with all the rain but pressure washer on hand was nice to use
Can you all give me some directions to this place. I live in Springfield which is just 20 miles east of B.R. on I-12 and I would love to go ride somewhere close like that!
Take I-12 through BR to I-10 West till Breaux Bridge exit. Take a left heading south and go to the breaux bridge highway, I think, second large road to your right. Take that down (toward lafayette) about 4 miles and it's on your right.

You can call them 337-507-3990 to verify directions
is that near the dirt bike track they have down a ways on the right hand side. dont know the name of it.
yea i think i saw something like that near it
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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