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Riding wheelies

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This may be a stupid question but how do you ride a wheelie on such a big ATV?I've seen it done but what does it take to get the front wheels up high and keep it going while shifting?(manual foot shifter)
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For me 4 feet of water and my big ass on the back rack A lot of the guys seem to have es when they are shifting gears
thats when it comes in handy to have that automatic when i want to do stupid stuff like that and i have the es when i want to control the gear i ride in, in the mud
If you stand on the back racks its easy, I am too clumsy and would bust my head or some thing else if I tried that. Otherwise we just ride the water wheelies out of the water. Once its up it s not that hard to keep it up. ((that sounded a bit Freudian). Its all in throttle control.
Easiest way to learn how to do it is try to get it to stand on the back rack. Once you get over the fear of flipping backwards you can concentrate more on throttle control & balance point once its up.
Put it in 1st, get it rolling, pull up on the shifter (foot shifter) and hold it up, get it reved up real good and drop it into 2nd. Mine will stand straight up and can walk it for a while.
i always start in 2nd gear, and pop the clutch....just ask Robb
I can't seem to get the wheelie thing down either. I've done all the major
power mods & i just can't seem to do it very well.
on my recon i can ride a wheelie in third even with the 26s on their all i do is pull up on the shifter hold it rev high and let of the shifter and itll come right up it takes a while to learn how to ride a wheelie and shift at the same time. but it dont matter how big a four wheeler you got to do a wheelie it matters how much effort you put into it, with 5 people in the back of the rhino i can stand it up (its really cool to watch when done) i can ride it for about 20 feet and this thing ways somethin like 1,300 pounds
Sounds like something I would do. I was thinking about putting smaller tires on my Ford Explorer and getting a bunch of people to stand on the back and try to wheelie it. But then I realized "what the **** am I thinking"
Glad you realized it was a bad idea before you actually tried that!
Still may try it. My SUV has some grunt to it till about 6 mph. after that its a dog. So i think it may RAXtually be possible.

on my foreman s i can be on the smallest hill and give it all she got and it will pull up the front tires and i can walk it all the way to the end of 2nd gear i really belive that the highlifter springs made it ride wheelies alot better!! and maybe all the parts i have helped too.
on an ES just stand on your back rack and keep it in first give it gas and pull back on the handle bars...thats all i do and i will ride for a little while.
im only 13 and i can do them for however much room i have i have 4 minute vids of me straight up and down going through the feild out back with my friend on my dads foreman tapeing it i just get in a little ditch and on the back racks pulls straight up foot shift also
The easiest way on my es is to put my foot on the back rack and start out in first and then shift to 2nd and hammer it and I keep it up through like 4th 28"s make it kinda hard to wheelie! With factory tires I could ride from 1st to 5th no problem
that's how we've all done them here. in a ditch or on the back rack or something like that...

but what about those triangle atv boyz...on their vids they are at a dead stop and then just pop them up and lay them back on the racks...

if they are reving them up high enough and droping it into first i am sure that will work but i am also sure that you will ruin your first gear the same way.

i thought that after i did all my mods that i could pop one up but that isn't happening...i do know that if you have a lift kit then it changes the angles just enough so that it is a whole lot easier to do a wheelie.
On my ES I put it in reverse and get going to about 6 mph then I try to put it in neutral if it doesnt do it right off its just cause its reved up to high. I keep doing it as Im rolling backwards then after its in neutral I let it roll a little bit more and then yank back on the handle bars and shift into first. If I stand on the back racks I can throttle it for ever but only about 4 mph. Ive tried shifting into second, but it goes over on me. Try it and see what Im talking about.
i put mine in second gear, stand on the back rack, start doing a brake stand, then at the same time let the brake out and pull up on the handle bars, works every time.
On mine I hamer 1st and get the wheels off the ground and then if i catch the recoil just right after it hits the ground in 2nd it'll pop right up. I still have the fear factor though so i dont go very far with it. Belive it or not it seemed to be easyer to do this when I put on the 27" Bighorns. Those tires seem to bite when their is nothin to bite LOL.
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