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Riding 5-6-06

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Who would be up for riding on Saturday...........don't care where, just would like to have someone other than Mike and I to ride with. Let us know. I can PM my phone number for you to call.
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im interested.... any ideas?
I am riding out to my parents to work on the jeep
QUOTE ("Robb":1dsadc5e)
im interested.... any ideas?
We don't care, either 5A, SE.......some place new?
Wish we could go but Shane has to work Saturday. Guess we shouldn't chance tearing anything up this close to the Rabbit Run anyway.
Guess we'll just see ya there!
well let me know i can go for a couple hours i work at 8 so i can ride till at least 3 or 4.
That's fine, is it easier to go to 5A for you two or SE. It really doesn't matter to us. It seems like 5A has more mud than SE.
I am going. But I would like to go to camp. There have been more breakins and I want to check on things. Also Jack, rorie, and brenda should be out I would like to say hi. I also am going to put up a camera at camp so if we do get robbed we will have a picture of wo did it.
SE is fine with me...wouldnt mind cruising around there a bit
Ok it's settled. SE be at the corner store @ 9:30am. Let us know if that's a good time.
Sorry guys, it needs to be more like 10:30am, we have to be somewhere @ 9am and it shouldn't take long.
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