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Ricochet skid plates on 500 foreman

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Is anyone running ricochet skid plates on a 500 foreman? I have the a arms and like them a lot. I just wondering how the front bash plate was along with the under belly skid plate. Is the drain hole for the oil large enough and are they good or not? Thanks
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there rear swing arm skid defently covers alot. i dont run them thought.
Is anyone running ricochets?
QUOTE ("07foreman982":1eadvnrn)
Is anyone running ricochets?
I just put a full belly plate on my wife's Rancher. It wasn't very fun to get the 2 middle bolts installed into their brackets, but after a few choice words and some longer bolts and spacers I got them. Another thing is that while they use buttonhead bolts, the bolt heads protrude above the skid plate surface. So I expect after running these after a while on rocky terrian could damage buttonhead bolts. But she ride alot of rocky terrain, so I think the kid plate and bolts will hold up for her. Another thing is I don't know why they didn't utilize the existing holes in the frame to bolt the plate on.
I just ordered a full kit from Aluminum Products for my Rubi. Their kit features a holster for your winch hook, so no more fishing around in the mud for it. Also they emboss the plate where the mounting holes are so the bolts heads don't stick past the plate and thus protecting them a little bit better. Another thing is they have a small removable plate to change the oil filter, on the belly plate.
We're going to H&M at the end of the month and by then I'll have a little better idea of they perform.
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Ricochet provide a lot better protection than AP. I too have the HookHolster and really like it. Only bad part is where the frame is exposed inbetween front A-arms. Ricochet provides full protection. I have cut the AP Front Skid Hook Holster and welded the Ricochet bottom skid to it.

Anyone with pictures of the ricochet skid plates on their foreman 500?

Here you go. Sorry it's all I"ve got as I forgot to take pics when it was standing up.
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