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Ricochet full skid plate /a-arm/ rear skid 05-07 500ES

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I have a new full set of skid plates for a a 05-07 $250 they are over $330 normally.
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do you have any pics???, is it the same for foreman s?
they will fit es or s
skid plates

The skid plates are new and included the full a-arm, full belly, and rear diff skid. it is sold as a complete set part # 631. Go to <a href="" target="_blank"></a> to see info on them.
PN# 5164 buy that sit for complete set.
skid plates

Yor are correct it is the complete set part # 5164. All the pieces are there and New. Hardware included.
I might be interested in rear skid if you want to seperate. Let me know.
Are these still available?
skid plates

Yes they are still 4/sale
[email protected]
I have a full set (except for rear skid) and can assure everyone that the Ricochet are top notch; provide superior frame protection....... you want to sell me the rear skid or what?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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