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reverse without the red button

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i was browsing through ebay today and saw an ad to have reverse without useing the button anyone have this yet?
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ZIp ties work great and you can get a lot of them for 12$
there is an adjustment that can be moved to where you dont have to pay 12 bucks...very easy to do
Super Glue works great. Take the red cap off, hold the button down and pour several drops on the button, wait a couple minutes for that to dry and do it again. Works great, mine has been this way since day one no problems.
easy reverse

go to ebay and try this. Honda ATV EASY REVERSE Foreman, Rubicon, Rancher, TRX Its easy and you don't see it once its installed and if you need to take it out it only takes 2 seconds. No glue, no cutting wire ties, etc.
i used a big washer put it under the screw on top of the park brake, press the button down, put the washer over it, and tighten down.
I zip tied a heavy brick to top of red button to always hold it down and works great. No, kiddin. I have the ebay thingy and love it. Can be removed in seconds for bringing back to the shop so no problems with warranty. I think I paid about $9, but $12 is worth it to me. No worries.
.02 method works great and price is right.
just adjust the cable at the lever and go on. takes a min and two wrenches. dont make this converstion to hard. lol
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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