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Reverse trouble

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Went for a run yesterday. Lots of water and mud and below freezing temps. Got home and put the bike in the shed with the heater on it to remove the ice. after a couple hours most of the ice was gone so i turned off the heater in the shed.

I backed the bike up in the shed before I left it for the night. This afternoon I went for a run around the house for 5 mins and when I returned and went to back in the shed the bike won't go in reverse. From neutral iit feels like I don't have the brake pulled in far enough and the shift lever won't go down. All foreward gears are fine.

I didn't have time to look at it this evening. could some of the water and leftover ice freeze again somewhere causing it to not be able to shift? I didn't ride it enough for the engine to heat and start melting ice.

Any help before i have a look at it tomorrow?

Thanks, Here are some Pics to enjoy while you think about what's wrong with my Foreman . Oh she's the 2006 foreman 500 S. I loaded the pics in the order that they were taken but the are backwards in this post.
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you may have water (ice) in the rear drum. maybe put your heater on it and take loose the drain nut on the bottom of the drum. i know that if water does leak in it and you park with the brake on and it freezes, the brakes can freeze in position.
Looks like you had a great time,nice pictures.Is it the foot shift lever that won't move?I would remove that black plastic cover around the foot shifter and see if snow/ice got packed in there.Maybe it got packed up in the engine skid and froze up so that the shifter won't move.
Those pictures look a lot like the area where i ride by my dad's house.Cedar swamp and marshy areas.What a good time!
QUOTE ("Yooperforeman":3u4pcfzj)
Looks like you had a great time,nice pictures.Is it the foot shift lever that won't move?
We had an awsome time. Lots of challenges due to the snow, ice, water and bog. we are supposed to get a few more inches of snow today so hopefully I'll get a chance to try out the mud lites in the snow.

Yes, it is the foot shift lever that won't move down while in neutral. It feels as though I don't have the reverse button pushed down and/or the brake hauled in enough. It shifts up fine and down from foreward gears. I can't see it being ice stuck below the shifter if I can shift down in all gears except when I try to go in reverse.

I doubt it's water in the brakes "joecamel" since i was able to move forward without trouble... this is a shift problem.

Thanks for the input guys, keep it coming.
a couple of times this when we go rideing then we take it to the car wash to get mud of then we stop at a friends house for a bit and by the time we get home from there is was cold enough for water to frost and the water in the brake make it hard to get the button down and the brake was stiffern ****. might this be your problem?
Must have been some ice down there somewhere. I never had a look at it but I warmed her up good yesterday and it works fine now.

Thanks for the help guys.
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