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Reverse Override

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Where do you get reverse overrides or can you do it yourself?
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how do they work also
Are you talking about the override of the little red button??? If so you can make your own or off ebay...
I dont see it on ebay anymore but here are 2 pics of it..Just use some thick plastic...Zipper1081 made mine for me but I cant remember what he used...
Here is one...I dont think these are the plastic ones but the same idea..

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enameZWDVW"> ... enameZWDVW</a>
All I did was put a little nut in there, those are usually free off the garage floor. Works great. No need to worry about going to rev. accidently either, I cant even get to N without being stopped.
You can get the same result by using the cable adjustment on the lever.
I made mine out of a small piece of copper tubing. I just cut it the lenght of the gap, and then split it the length. Put it around the cable and then close the part back up that you split. Pretty simple really and is a great mod!
Now you see it (zip tie)

now you dont!

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we cant honda just have a reverses like popo.. do like 40 in reverses heck yes.. but i dont like popos
Here is the little piece of copper tubing that I used.....
QUOTE ("rubyandforeman":32es2fn5)
we cant honda just have a reverses like popo.. do like 40 in reverses heck yes.. but i dont like popos
they just need to make a CDI to override the rev limiters.
I dont under stand how this workes can someone explane it to me
everytime you to go in reverse, you have to hold in the red button, hold in the break and shift down. puting the spacer on the cable pulls the cable the just like holding down the red button and shifting down. with this over ride in place you can just shift down from N into R without holding down the red button and pull the break.
its simple to try on your atv, no il-effects can come from this. your engine has to be lower then 3000rpms in order for it to shift down from N. so theres no chance on shifting into R by acident.
Mine used to be a real bitch to get into reverse. I lubed both the reverse cable and the rear brake cable. Cleaned and oiled the lever and adjusted the reverse cable. Shifts into reverse so easily now that I would not even consider the override mod unless I was using a plow.
Still worried that agressive riding and shifting or even bumping the shifter accidentally would end up with me hitting reverse while still moving forward.
but wont it make the brakes be on by puttung the spacer in?
nope, the reverse cable is different then the break cable.
ooooic understand now ill take a look at mine tis weekend
i just got done loosening my cable all the way out and now i dont have to use my button and i didnt have to rig up something. seems to work nice.
You can get them direct at this link.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I have them on 3 Honda's and love them.
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