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reverse overide

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What ways can I overide the little red button?
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pull the black rubber cover off of the brake thing push in the red button pull thye brake lever back the tie a zip tie around the bottom cable. Then your good to go
any other way to do this? please help with more options.
Go on e-bay and this guy sell this custom peice of plastic that fits in there perfectly. I think they are $5 and the best money spent!! I you have someone else ride the machine, it comes out in 2 seconds and reinstalls in the same amount of time.

A zip tie is cheaper, but this is nice to remove if needed out on the trail and looks factory as well. Just my 2 penny's worth.
zip ties the way to go.....
This might help ya. I took off handle, drilled a small hole in bottom of Reverse pin. Put handle back on and put a self tapper in hole that was drilled. Now there is no need to push Reverse button down but I still have to pull brake lever back to engage Reverse. Works great.

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I had some strips of lead that I used to make different fishing weights, they were about 1/16" thick and 3" wide. I cut a 1/4" long strip, 1/4" wide, and wrapped it around my cable, under the rubber boot on the hand brake. It has been on for months and you can't even see it and it works great. Don't be a fool and buy anything. A zip tie works, but mine broke a couple of times. I checked my new rig, no wear at all.
thanks for all the info
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zip ties the way to go.....
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