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Reverse Quick Shift

Got this off a web site .Honda's with the ES trans have always been critisized for their somewhat complex way of putting the bike into reverse.While I have not found this particularily difficult, it can be annoying especially in winter while riding with mitts or heavy gloves on.
To bypass this feature simply find a peice of ridged tubing (anything will work here, copper pipe, plastic pipe, spacer of some sort...anything)..about 1 cm long and cut a slit down one side. Pull back the rubber boot on the left bar and engage the reverse lockout. As you pull back the brake lever you will see the the lever underneath it move outward. This is where you want to place the spacer you just made. Clip it over the cable to prevent the bottom lever from returning and thats it.. your done ! You can now shift into reverse directly from neutral without pressing any buttons or pulling any levers. The ES system will not allow you to downshift from 2nd into 1st at anything above a slow crawl 3mph. so there is no danger of shifting into reverse by accident on the trail. To restore the safety feature..simply remove the spacer.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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