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Reverse light comes on / flickers while going forward ??

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Hey all,

I have a 2001 foreman 450es and have had this problem with my Reverse light flickering / going full on while driving in forward gears... It ussually only happens after the 5-10 mins of driving and is intermittent.. But i do see it everyday i take it for a ride.
Sometimes the shift gauge shows --- and wont shift properly. I then have to shut it down and try to rock and shake the bike and sometimes it goes back to neutral... BUT on a couple occasions i have had to manuall shift it back to neutral.. shut it off and restart...

any idea / recommendations ?
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Sounds like the shift mechanism(computer) I had a buddy with a '05 AT400 and he had a problem similar to that,and ended up changing said parts.
ouch sounds $$$
did you check the fuse that controls the fan its on is own beside the battery their is a white cover over it. my 450es is 99 but the same thing was hapening to me a month ago and the fan wasnt turning on when it was red so i checkd the fuse and found their was a loose conection. ud never no you could be luky.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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