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retrieve a disabled quad, suggestions?

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I just attended a quad rally in our area and a friends kodiak has locked up the transfer or front diff and front driveshaft won't turn. We have to drag it through about 4 miles of swampy muck (full of ruts) without it being under power because it's now leaking oil. Any suggestions for making it move a little easier (a stick of dynamite doesn't count, but it has crossed our minds). a 5/8 sheet of plywood is one idea.....

Sorry about placing this under tires, but there isn't an applicable topic heading.
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I would take the front tires and put them on your back rack and secure them good. Then you are only dragging the back, then sho him what a HONDA will do. Good luck with it. I have heard gasoine and a match work well too, then take a trip to you local honda dealership
also try to take the front driveshalf out. with his bike tied on your or someones rack he can still run his bike and still have the rear pulling to help out through the thick stuff..
yeah to make it a little easier, just take the front wheels and tires off. Then stink the front end on the back of a Honda rack.
winch and tire removed

When going back to retrieve it, we found the front drive transfer case totally destroyed. We removed the skid plate and a bearing, a couple of gears and broken cast pieces fell out. Motor still ran and back axle still pushed so we removed one front wheel and tied a winch cable to the back rack of another quad. The extra axles helped get through the rough spots and because of the differential action, the hub without wheel turned backwards, but limped home. The biggest hassle was the trailer we hauled all the way in and didn't end up using
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If its not far from where you parked and someone has a small trailer. Just go get the trailer to pull it out of the woods.
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