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rerout crankcase vent

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anyone done this? if so, got any pics? its the only thing i dont have extended into pod. i was told i can loop it around the airfilter and it will create an air pocket that water cannot get passed. but i would still like some pics. thanks guys
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i whould like to see a pic 2
Unlike the newer bikes, my crankcase vent did not run to the airbox but just to above the tank like the stock snorkle. I just tied it together with the other vent lines and ran them to the handle bars and attached them to my GPS mount (no pod either).
me too

i would also like to see a picture...

i routed tied all my lines in together under the seat and ran one tube that was a little bigger....up to the point on my snorkel where the fitting is and just put a tie wrap on it to hold it up...
ya i got my vent lines to my pod. i thought bout doin the crank vent. if i see a pic first
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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