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Rerfex kit

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I just installed the perfex kit with some HL springs and i have the front setting on full but when i put the back on full the front of the bike sits down alot lower and is on quite a bit of a angle and there any way to fits this problem. I tried putting the back on the lowest setting it helped a bit.
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The only thing you can do is put a little bit bigger lift on the front to bring it up some.
Kk i iwll try that i have a HL lift kit for the front kicking around here some where. Hopefully it will help it a bit
what actually does the perfex kit do???does it lift the body or what? i am lookin into it and would like to know more....what are the advantages??
Ya i put in the Hl kit and it made no difference just made it stiffer in the front thats about it. I will have to try to do something alse. Ya the kit makes the ride alot softer i noticed a difference even on HL springs. It also gives you a lift.
The kit will give you about and inch and a half of lift and soften up the ride, well worth the money in my opnion.
When you put the perfex kit on it actually kicks the bottom shock mount outward about 1/2 to 1inch thus making it flex easer. A lift just raises the shock mount up. Thats why you get more lift with the actual lift.
good from what it sounds like it would be a good thing to have with no bad points to it?? i may order one here soon..thanks
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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