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I have a stock 05 Foreman 4x4 ES. I'm Thinking about putting mud-lites on it. I'm going to stay with the stock sizing. I want a tire that is good in the snow. We riding mostly forest trails and hard pack road. What do you guys suggest???
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ITP 589's or the ITP Mudlites. Good ride in hard pack as well as good in mud. There are better tires for the mud and better ones for hard pack, but they are a great medium range..
I'm running the swamp fox tires from ams and they seem to do great in the coal region rides that i do.we do everything your doing in Tioga county and we do some brutal rocks.they seem to be wearing quite well for what they've been thru too.
Truckman, where in the coal region are you? I live in the Hazleton area and ride all around that area.
I put Holeshot ATRs on my Rancher along with ITP C series wheels. I too ride the coal regions of NEPA. I have about 1K on them and they are wearing quite well.
Rookie, I wil send you a pm.
how about 25" executioners, i had the 27" on my rubicon and they did great and im sure the 25's will do the same. they did great in the snow,mud, and hard pack. i think they are a great all terrain tire. they are almost the same a 589's but have a little different pattern. if you ride alot i would stay away from the mudlite's because people have them around here and they do not wear good. Holeshot ATR's would also do good in snow and hard pack, but they do not do the best in mud. gators also do good in snow too, and i think are a great trail tire in the 25". hope this helps.
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