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replacing stock shocks on 98 400 foreman????

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My brother has a 98 forman and his factory suspension is way to soft and appeasr his factory shocks are shot. I have searched and the only kit I have found is the highlifter progressive shocks - but these will cost 500.00 for front/rear...

Is there anyone else who makes a replacement or is there any tips/tricks on any shocks that are made for another application that will work on this machine?

any help would be appreciated...
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the 400 shocks are not that stiff. anyway if the shocks are not busted u can get the Highlifter lift springs which are about 85 bucks for the front and back. This will get rid of the sag and they will stiffen the ride up alittle. Also there are some 400 shocks on ebay. You can also put 450 foreman shocks on the 400 and this will add about a inch of lift.
I answered on your other post.
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