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Replacing a Sprag Clutch Bearing (One Way Clutch Bearing)

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Is it a big job to replace the Sprag Clutch Bearing (one way clutch bearing) on a 2003 350ES Rancher?
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Easier to do with the engine out - but can be done from the back if you remove the swing arm assembly. Plan to spend some time on this - make sure you get all your gaskets, etc. before you start. Do you have a service manual? The Honda or Clymer manuals both detail the procedure - there is not much difference between them. You'll probably need at least one special tool (flywheel puller) and that is not cheap to buy.
Thanks WildWildWest,

By time I buy the tool (Clutch Puller) and the service manual I will probably be better off just getting the dealer to do it.
There are 2 sprag clutches in the bike ..

#1 is on the back of the flywheel and operates the starter clutch (for electric start) .. It is easier to service with the engine removed but can be serviced with the swingarm removed and removing the alternator cover ..

#2 is inside the centrifugal clutch ..It is serviced by removing the clutch cover ..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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