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replace only front tires

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i bought a 2006 foreman last year and havent changed the stock tires out yet. i do a good bit of riding on the road and on gravel and now the front tires are wearing down MUCH faster than the rear ones. is it a big deal if i get a different tire to put on the front (ones that wear slow on the pavement) and keep the stock ones on the back? would that effect handling and things like that? Also, i have them set at 4 psi. Is that a good pressure or could that have something to do with why they're wearing down so fast? thanks for any help
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I'd replace all four and keep the back ones
for spares or sell them

When your going down the road if it sloopy
I'd and ½ pound at a time until it feels good
i agree i would just get all new if i was you. it dosent matter what tires you put on the front as long as they are the same size as the rear. even if they say they are 25" dont mean they are. different companies are different, i have seen one brand of tire be 1.25" taller than another tire the same size by a different company.
also the stock tires only masure 23 inches with 3psi in them. just something to think about.
Another thing you might look at if the front tires are wearing alot faster than the rear is the front alignment. My foreman was eating my front stock tires till I did some adjusting. Same with the wifes rancher and my dads foreman.
Talking about the front tires being out of alignment, I have noticed mine are out of alignment as well. I first noticed my scooter was pulling to the right just a little and thought that it might have been a low tire, but that was not the case. That is when I noticed the tires are toed out on both sides. So I called the dealership, since the scooter is only one day old, and asked them if the tire were supposed to be like that and they told me that they were. They said they will be toed out to about an inch. I asked why, and they said that is the way Honda does builds them. They said Honda told them it makes it steer easier. I can say this, my tires are going to be toed out long because I can't stand it. I guess you could call me picky.
i heard that if you had a 4 wheel drive car or something, its best, when replacing the tires, to get all 4 of them with the same tread pattern or else it will handle weird or something like that. So i think it would be the same with the quad.
I don't think you have been given the answer you a wondering, but I am just reading between the lines. I think we would all llike to just replace all 4 but you specifically asked if replacing only fronts would hurt anything, and no one has given you the answer. The answer is NO just replacing fronts will NOT hurt anything. It would obviously be better to replace all 4 if you can but we are not all made of money and you and your machine will be just fine if you only replace fronts. Been there and done that many times.
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