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removing water from diff.

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What can be used to help remove all the water from the front and rear diff?
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Drain and refill till it clears up.Don't know of any other way.MOON
i always used kerosene in mine, some people say not to use it but i never had a problem and i have been doing it for years.
I use cheap trans fluid, its thin and still lubricates. never tried kerosene
Quick question on water getting into the Rear Diff. I have all the vent tubes run to the handle bars and I still ended up with water in the rear diff. I cant see where there is any fluid leaking out from... So how does the water get in there???
Kerosene or diesel fuel worked for me...both have a oil base to lub the internal pats while it flushed the grit out..
just keep flushin it out with the cheap stuff from dollar store. or walmart. get the off brands then once u get it all out. go get the right kind from honda

tranny fluid or diesel, both are loaded with detergents so they clean really good. See if you axle tube is filled with water and if the port on the bottom of each side is cloged.
Crazy... what port are you refering too? Anyone with a pic or diagram as to where this port is? Why or how does the axle tubes get filled with water? Do they have seals? And if the water gets in why do I not have diff fluid coming out?
Thanks, Culvert
axle ports

there are ports/drains near where the tubes meet the differential on some of the older bikes. On some you can just take the side bolts out of the rear diff skid plate. The axle bearings go bad and the seals leak and tubes fill with water. Then the diff seals leak into the diff. My bike did the same thing. Just some thing for you to look at if the water never seems to get out.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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