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Removing the ignition cylinder...Please help

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I need to remove the ignition cylinder, due to changing out the plastics. I can not seem to find how the cylinder is removed. you guys that have changed your plastics for 1 reason or another, how did you do it?. It is the last piece I need to do for the foreman to be 100% again.
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I asked the same question not to long ago. You have to disconnect from wiring harness.
well i lost my patience trying to disconnect it, so I cut and respliced. haha, kinda ghetto, but oh well.
I think Im going GHETTO also, what a pain in the ass to remove from the wiring harness, I cant find where it ends.
haha, i couldnt either.
I had to remove the ignition also to replace the headlight cover after I rolled it on a gravel road. The connector is easy to get to. Its a white connector located just inside the left front tire attached to the frame. Once you unplug the connector it will feed up through the other wires in the steering column. I tied a string to the connector before I pulled it through. After inserting the ignition throught the new plastic I retied the string to the plug and pulled back through the same path as before.
Hello Foreman500,

I sent you a PM please respond when you get a chance.

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