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Removing Spark Plug

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Can someone please tell me what the best/easiest way to remove the spark pulg on a Honda Foreman 400 is please? I think I flooded her and foiled the plug but cannot figure out how to get in there and remove it.

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a 3/8'' drive ratchet and a 18mm deep socket is all you need.
The 400's were a pain in the ass to change the plug. They fixed the problem when they made the 450 building a deeper frame lowering the engine. The spark plug wrench the bike came with works.
crap, that's a problem. I got this 4 wheeler second hand.
Did you look in the trunk? Its in there in a plastic tube with the rest of the tools. If not, the spark plug tool from other Honda's will work.
Thanks, I will look tonight. However do remember looking awhile back and not seeing anything back there.

I really couldn't figure out a way to get a socket and ratchet in there to get the plug out.
you have to set the socket on the plug first and then put the ratchet on the socket. some sockets are longer than others, but will still work. The one I use was longer so I cut it down just enough to reach the hex on the plug.
I just put the socket on the plug and use a set of channel locks or vise grips to turn the socket.
Got the plug out by sitting the socket on the plug and then attaching a ratchet with a elbow. Still a pain to get my hands in there.

However, didn't work.

I tested for a spark and I am getting a spark.

Any suggestions on how to drain the carburetor?

If you going to drain it, you may aswell remove the carb and remove the bottom and do a job of it. I use compressed air to the jets and clean as much as i can.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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