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Removing lugs

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I have 27" swamp lites. They have always been excellent in all of the riding that I have done. However, yesterday i went riding in some real sticky mud and the tires stayed packed with this mud. Usually they will clean out as long as there is some water mixed with the mud, but not with this paste I was in. I read on here one time that a guy cut every other lug off of his swamp lites to get them to clean out better. Has anyone ever heard of this? What are your all's recomendations???
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it would proubly work good, just like you cut boggers for truck that dont have the power to clean them out. if you ride in the clay mud alot then it would proubly be a good idea but if you just ride in it once and a while then i would just leave them alone. there your tires though and yes it would proubly work good.
ive heard of that idea but havent seen or heard of how good it does.
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