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Removing Front Drive Shaft

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The service manual (pg. 16-7) says "Hold the inboard joint of the drive shaft and tug firmly to force the stopper ring on the inboard joint end past the groove while prying with a screwdriver."

Where should I be prying with a screwdriver? Is this as simple as knocking out the ball joints haha.

Thanks in advance!
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Are you talkin about the drive shaft ( shaft commin from the trans to diff) or the cv shaft ( commin from the diff to the tire)? It sounds like your talkin about the cv, the way i do it is remove the bottom a arm nut from the spindle, put a punch on the a arm right next to the ball joint and slam it with a small sledge. after that pops off and you disconnect the steering tie rod and shock you should be able to lift the spindle and push the cvshaft in to the point that you can seperate it from the spindle. Once thats done just tie up the a arm and spindle out of the way. Then get the cv and push it all the wayin ( the slipjoint will bottom out) and pull real hard and fast, it may take a try or two but it should pop out. Rem to drain the fluid first lol.
"Then get the cv and push it all the wayin ( the slipjoint will bottom out) and pull real hard and fast, it may take a try or two but it should pop out."

Thanks Sasquatch! Your right I was talking about the cv. I have everything disconnected and out of the way. I am working my way to removing the diff. Thanks for the schooling .
Thanks for the tip it worked great!

I've got the whole left side disassembled all thats left is the right side cv shaft. Do I need to take everything apart on the right side or can I pop off the cv shaft the way it's currently sitting. I've got all of the mounts on the diff. off, the drive shaft coming out of the motor removed, and the left side cv shaft removed.
Whats the end result that your trying to accomplish?
O ok i just got your message. Just do like i said to both sides ( remove lower a arm ball joint and lower shock mount and tie the upper a arm up out of the way, you should of been able to compress the shaft and slide it out of the spindle while liftin it) Then i remove the 3 bolts ( i usally remove the mounting bracket with the 2 bolts on the front of the diff) and bring the diff forward all the way and compress the shaft all the way and pull it out, then ( with the wires 3 wires dissconnected up top and the vent line dissconnected) slide the diff out the lift side, i think it is. You might have to move it around alittle but itll come out of there.
Ok got it out of there. Thanks alot! It wan't too bad, I was just being too cautious. Thanks Again.
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