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removed custom snorkel!!

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Ok i have been gettin tired of people passing me on the creek..
with my Custom Snorkel and 26" MSTs it slows me down a bit..
I put my factory snorkel back on and put my stock tires back on.. with 5psi in my stock tires my 4wheeler feels like a sport bike now!!
Now everyone is eating my dust again.

The snorkel is awesome when in deep water and mud. when your not moving fast, i think when up to speed, bout 35-40 there is a vaccum created at the end of the snorkel. the motor does not have enough strength to pull in enough air to make power. and i noticed at 35 in 5th at WOT it pulls better than 35 in 4th at WOT, so now i know my snorkel is not big enough to support my motors air needs..

but now with my factory snorkel and stock tires no one can keep up.. but then again they aint stupid enough to skip across the water like i do.

i got to get some video of this crazy stuff...

i never touch the bottom either, just skippes across the water.
we will know how tough these 500s are soon.. mine stays on the rev limiter more than most bikes stay cranked..
mostly at 59mph. and the weird thing is it doesnt use any oil.

unlike my truck, when i run it hard it usually eats up 1-1.5 qts of Mobil 1 per oil change at 5k miles.

how many of you guys still have to get the clutch recall warranty work done?? I DO!
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Can't you make the tubes biger to let in more air?
I snorkled 2 bikes ( both were over 450 cc ) and they did the same thing...when I changed them to the 2 inch hose they ran great..
yea, when i put the snorkel back on im goin with 2" the whole way.. because the 1.5" spaflex wasnt bad, but for it to go 2.5-3ft then go to 2" then up through the fender. i know it was either the length of the 1.5" spaflex or the bends after the reducer.
with my snorkel, and 29.5s I was able to still hit 46mph this weekend, I think if I had another 2 miles, i couldve gotten 50...haha
This may be the problem... A bigger diameter hose for more air may be the solution...
well i went from goin 46-48mph on the creek back to 59! haha poor bike..
but i was running 1.5-2psi in the 26" MSTs so that was slowing me down for sure, In my stockers im running 5psi, so they arent boggin me down in the sand. and with out the snorkel it revs out quicker and has the top end power back. My friend on his 06 grizzly use to pass me on the sand bars, now he cant keep up. he has to stop every 5 or so crossings to drain his belt...
QUOTE ("nonnieselman":72vngmyl)
My friend on his 06 grizzly use to pass me on the sand bars, now he cant keep up. he has to stop every 5 or so crossings to drain his belt...
The grizzly is a awesome bike unless there is water involved...
i like my metal on metal trans....
You can't say you leave everyone now!!!
Well you never caught up with me or passed me so... yea i can say that..
but ill be ridin mine this weekend.
Where is yours at???
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