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Remote starter on my rubicon

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Hello just wondering if anyone has ever seen a quad with a remote starter? I put one on mine just cause i bought it for $2.50. I thought it would be neat and different . It works usless LoL but it is neat!
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What is it & what does it do?
remote starter like one you put on your car to start it from in your house. I just put one on my rubicon.
That's cool, I love gadgets.
Well that's kinda neat.
it is neat. almost usless but neat LoL
now all you need is it to go into gear and to stear by control too
I was trying to figure out a way LoL
How does that work wouldn't you need to turn the key on and where did you get one i want one
I saw on ebay a atv "car" alarm and I think it had a starter built into it, was only 35 bucks
I picked mine up at a local flea market for $2.50 but i have this exact same starter on my 1997 dodge dakota sport 4+4! And nojust like in a car you don't need to turn the key and if anyone gets on and puts it in gear it shuts off!!
Oh man. Is this really true??? Is their anyway you can take any video footage of this? Im not saying I dont believe it, just would groovy to see it in action.
honestly if i figure out how yes i will. But there really isnt anything to tape but i will try.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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