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rejet with pipe ???

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hey all i got an big gun pipe on my 450 and a k n n filter but i havent rejeted it but im gettin a little back fireing and the odd time it will stall out if i slow down to an idle. should i rejet it or what ? i ride in all temperatures from a hot summer to 15 below .what do you guys recomend i do ??
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yes you need to rejet, your bike is running lean. did the pipe come with any jets? if not you need pick up a couple differet sizes. Without a snorkel I would try using a oem 132.5 jet. You should be able to pick up at any atv shop for around $5 or so. Most dealers dont carry them.

thanks im goin to try a 132 cuz i cant find a 132.5 and a 50 pilot jet in it and hope it works better!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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