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Red Foremans

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Lets see some of them red foremans
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Here' my red ATV.
Hey the last one is the kinda pic I love to see!
Here she is.. No mods yet, who knows what the future holds.
QUOTE ("a676man":mzwc5nyz)
Nice pics of your honda s
Ain't she purdy

Is that front bumper repainted black?
Re: sweet

QUOTE ("mafman":28c3sh9c)
Is that front bumper repainted black?
OH, LineX. How's that holding up?
red foreman

New to the board
the front bumper is repainted. Both racks and rear bumper are Line-X'ed.
Here's mine, HighLifter lift, 27" Outlaws.

what do you think of the HL lift?

does it help with mud clearance?

I heard it was bad on the axles and joints....

I want to get a lift to help with clearance but i don't want to break bearings are almost shot as it is...
I have heard they will, but it depends on how you ride. Iam real easy on mine, when Iam stuck Iam stuck. I ride with people that go through stuff balls to the wall, and I would say that they have a better chance of breaking axles than I do. I gained a total of about 2 1/4" just with the lift and another 2" with the tires. I love it!! I actually step up on to my bike. I haven't been out on it yet, that will be this weekend. Fom the looks of it I have gained alot of ground clearence. I will let everyone know how it does after this weekend.
With my 2" lift and 28" outlaws i have 14 inches from the ground to the floorboards.
Updated pic. Added wheels,tires & snorkle.
41 - 56 of 56 Posts
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