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Red Foremans

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Lets see some of them red foremans
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QUOTE ("BUCKSHOT":dhmucah0)
Hey DirtyBlonde thats a nice looking bike.
Wolfe 06 500 Foreman S
What's the pully on your winch cable?
Doubles the power of the winch and does not draw too many amps from the battery. Same thing as a snatch block.
Boss 500 with a view changes. 28" outlaws and outlaw clutch kit
How do you like that clutch kit? Was it hard to put in?

my 450, all shined up. too bad it doesnt stay like that forever lol
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I've only used the clutch kit in snow but what a difference. You can punch it sitting still in third and throw the snow like crazy. Can't wait to try it in the spring in some mud holes. There is a about a 2 second delay when you push the trottle but the tires spin faster when it activates.

I had someone at a shop put my clutch kit in. I think it is a 2 hour job but can't really say. I bought my bike from a guy and it was still in a crate. Any service that needs to be done he takes care of pretty cheap. If you go with 28's i would get the kit. I had 27" gators before and turned them no problem but i wanted lots of power for the 28's

A pic of mine with the gators all shined up
Better pics of my boss 500
heres mine
Here's my red '06 with a VIP windshield.
One of me and one of me helping my buddy out of the mud...
My honda

my foreman
my in the bayou
**** that sucked!
Today was a great day to play in the snow.
New pics!!! Havent hooked the snorkle up yet but this is what it is going to look like.
And the rest
21 - 40 of 56 Posts
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