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Red Foremans

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Lets see some of them red foremans
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some pics of the old girl, I dont have any in the current configuration of snorkeling though
Got a red one. Its for sale too.
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here's mine.
Is it me or do them swamplites look HUGE?
firedude u r into black accessories arent u?
LOL. Yeah, I like the blacked out look. Think the 07's have the black engine covers. I liked the way they looked. And while I was spraying them I had the racks done too. The cooler had kinda scratched the original paint off. The Rhino Lining is much more durable than the factory paint.
Here is one.
just what size are those swamp lites
hey firedude how much are u asking for your foreman?
sorry for askin i just looked at the for sale section and saw it. my bad.
the swamplites are 29.5 as stated in his sig
Yeah they are 29.5's. Had to trim the rear fender lip a little and bend the front fender supports to get em to fit.
Here's mine It's not a "500" - but it's RED
hey i never said it had to be a 500
Hey DirtyBlonde thats a nice looking bike.
heres mine
Here's mine . (not a very good pic)
BOSS edition
1 - 20 of 56 Posts
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