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recon sighting

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hey i saw one once least i think it was a recon
plus this forum looked small tryin to liven it up
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i saw one this weekend and it was lifted didnt think it was a recon looked good.
I had one and just traded it in this spring for my new 500. I got an awsome price for it With the new tires i put on it it went through the mud great and if i got stuck i would just move it over and try again ,it was a blast to drive.
What type tire and what size did you run, I need to put some on the wifes. I am getting tired of pushing her out.
They were Kenda Bearclaw and had exellent traction. When they grabed somthing in the mud be shure to be hanging on to the bars. If i remember right they were 25x12x9 and they cleared the fenders.
cool appreciate it.
Saw a Recon Yesterday, 8 year old was driving it!
I used to have a recon before I got my rancher,had 22" gators and a lift kit on it
Check out my Recon in my sig.
my mom gots one and the stock tires suck alot lol i use them for doing dounets but i have my stock rancher tires on it but ill be geting ehr some mud tires for xmas what is the bigist that u could go with out messing any thing up or triming it
QUOTE ("BrianA":1vn32uwx)
Check out my Recon in my sig.
Nice recon, here is a picture of my foreman.
I saw a recon at MudMania-B race foreman450rider.
that recon that raced foreman450rider was bad azz it was going where some dude on a brute force couldnt go. i think the main things is he was drunk and didnt care.
New to the forum thought I would make a post.

My Ride
04 Recon
25" mudlites all the way around
2' lift kit
2000lb winch

Soon to install
Front and Rear Cargo Baskets
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I use to have a 2000 Honda Recon, I loved it, it was a awsome little 2 wheel drive quad. I am thinking about getting a 250ex, same setup as the Recon but in a sport form.
My son has a recon
My buddy rides an 05 Brute and I take my recon every where he goes. Even a couple of places where he has been stuck.
A friend of mine has a recon, he has mud tires on the back and stock on the front. He does very well going through mud holes, they are nice little bikes if you want something small and inexpensive.
my wife has an 06 recon
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I just bought a yfz 450 last weekend... but my recon is my mud machine. 27" itp 589's on the rear and 25" on the front. Did I mention that it's stock height?
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