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Recon Pics

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This is my daughters 06 Recon before I put the SS112's on it.
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Really good looking Recon there! How wide are those tires?
that looks really sharp.
heres my recon guys, this is before i shortend the snorkle
Yooperforeman the sizes are 23x8x12 & 23x10x12 AMS Swampfox
Thanks,that's a good looking combo....looks like you gained some ground clearance.
Thanks, I put a lift kit on it & now it has 250ex springs on it. Keeps it from sagging in the rear when she wants to give me a ride (she a daddys girl). I'll post a pic with the SS112's on it soon. It really looks sharp with those wheels.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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