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I saw in the paper that Honda has a recall on atv sold between 05-06, nationwide. Has anyone heard about this. I tried calling the number in the paper and looking on the site, but cannot find any information. Have since lost the paper.
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no.... whats the recall for and which bike????
I have seen the recall you all are talking about. If i remember correctly it's for the 450 sport quad (trx450r?) 05-06. It was something about the ball joints could seperate. I'll see if I can find where I saw it at and post what it exactly says.
Ok at least its a sports quad and not a Foreman!
QUOTE ("civicex0202":2an1uhlb)
no.... whats the recall for and which bike????
and exactly why do you care its not like your bike has been/will be running anyway
Here it is everybody!!


American Honda Motor Corp. Recalls All-Terrain Vehicles for Crash Hazard

The following product safety recall was voluntarily conducted by the firm in cooperation with the CPSC. Consumers should stop using the product immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Name of Product: Honda Model Year 2006 TRX450ER/R ATVs

Units: About 11,000

Distributor: American Honda Motor Corp. Inc., of Torrance, Calif.

Hazard: The front suspension arm ball joints could have been contaminated during production, resulting in rapid wear of one or more of the ball joints and possible ball joint separation. If the ball joint separation occurs while riding, the operator could lose control of the ATV.

Incidents/Injuries: American Honda Motor Corp. has received seven warranty claims about this problem. No injuries have been reported.

Description: The recall involves 2006 model year TRX450ER and TRX450R ATVs. They are adult-sized ATVs designed for use by riders age 16 and older. The ATVs are available in red or black. The TRX450ER and TRX450R model names are located on the front cowling just below the handlebars and the name Honda is printed on the seat.

Sold by: Honda dealers nationwide from September 2005 through December 2006 for between $6,600 and $7,000.

Manufactured in: Japan
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I bought my 05 foreman in canada. Don't know if it makes a difference but i had a recall on my clutch plate. It might just be certain bikes with certain serial numbers. Anyway, honda replaced mine no cost.
i doesnt matter weather you bought it in canda or not cuz we had to have the clutch plate on our 05 500 replaced like 3 months after we got it at no cost. and yes recalls usually dont effext every bike just ones with certain vin numbers
QUOTE ("deadmullet":1m9465mt)
QUOTE ("civicex0202":1m9465mt)
no.... whats the recall for and which bike????
and exactly why do you care its not like your bike has been/will be running anyway [/quote]

u know what sucks.... i have to get mine rewired
I found the recalls. Its to do with the steering rods i believe.

'2005 models:
- TRX250TE Recon ES, VIN 1HFTE214*54500014 to *54510334
- TRX250TM Recon, VIN HFTE210*54500010 to *54509249
- TRX350FE Rancher 4X4 ES, VIN 1HFTE254*54400001 to *54415180
- TRX350FM Rancher 4X4, VIN 1HFTE250*54400001 to *54416860
- TRX350TE Rancher ES, VIN 1HFTE244*54400001 to 1HFTE244*54412240
- TRX350TM Rancher, VIN 1HFTE240*54400001 to 1HFTE240*54410980
- TRX400FA Rancher AT, VIN 1HFTE290*54100005 to 1HFTE290*54115657
- TRX400FGA Rancher AT GPS, VIN 1HFTE294*54100004 to *54103423
- TRX500FA Foreman Rubicon, VIN 1HFTE260*54400010 to *54402169
- TRX500FE Foreman 4X4 ES, VIN 1HFTE317*54000026 to *54003486
- TRX500FGA Foreman Rubicon GPS, VIN 1HFTE264*54400012 to *54400555
- TRX500FM Foreman 4X4, VIN 1HFTE310*54000015 to *54002715
- TRX500TM Foreman, VIN 1HFTE314*54000012 to *54002112
- TRX650FA Rincon 4X4, VIN 1HFTE280*54000009 to *54011239
- TRX650FGA Rincon 4X4 GPS, VIN 1HFTE284*54000002 to *54002521
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Here is the 2004 models:

'2004 models:
- TRX350FE Rancher 4X4 ES, with VIN 478TE254*44300010 to *44323289
- TRX350FM Rancher 4X4, VIN 478TE250*44300005 to *44315544
- TRX350TE Rancher ES, VIN 478TE244*44300003 to *44310382
- TRX350TM Rancher, VIN 478TE240*44300006 to *44310445
- TRX400FA Rancher AT, VIN 478TE290*44000055 to *44019249
- TRX400FGA Rancher AT GPS, VIN 478TE294*44000016 to *44008055

Just go to google and type "honda atv recalls" The info should be in the the first site.
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