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Hey guys just got done talking to my friendly honda dealer and he said that there was going to be a new recall. he said it was the (Clutch Plate) you should be getting a letter soon and you dealer should be getting parts soon to... better get your stock tires on....LOL
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very interesting! Well mine is in the shop already, maybe that was part of my problem??
No thats all that they told me, but i was wondering if there going to tear my clutch apart if they would install a clutch kit for me. where did you guys buy your kits from?
EPI, but most Honda dealers will only install OE parts for warranty work, but sometimes cash talks!
But I already have a clutch kit. I wonder if they will just swap it out
Thats what I was wondering too.Bu tif they don't know they are different springs.....
I'm just afraid they will have them all made up and just swap the drum out and slap in another one.
clutch recall

Heys guys
just got a letter from honda.

2005-2006 trx500fe/fm/tm
clutch drive plate recall. drive plate was not made to hondas specs
the dealer will replace the clutch drive plate. recall ends 9/22/2008

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