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Well it started smoking after about 80 hours on the motor after beeing swamped a bunch of times. So i took it to a Honda dealer and they overlooked the water in the diffs and crank case and went ahead and rebuilt it. It went about 20 hours and it started smoking again, this time the water only came up to the top of the tire at the deepest. So I took it apart because it did not have waranty anymore, all the rings and bearings were good nothing that would make it smoke in my opinion, so figured it was the valve seals and replaced them. put it back together and it still smokes. thats why im just going with all new parts. I will take the case apart and clean off everything (wich I should have done the first time). I read somewhere that sand and other crap can get into the case and get pumped with the oil and scratch the cyl wall!
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