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rebel hunting club VIDOR,TEXAS

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has anyone ever ridden at rebel hunting club in VIDOR,TEXAS, any information would be apprieated. night riding?,, camping?,, badass holes?
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I went to the rebel hunting club in vidor two weeks ago, but i got sick out there so we didn't stay long. For what little bit we were there it was pretty awsome. we are going back this weekend (saturday). Come join us or i'll tell you how it is next week.
i cant make it this weekend(workin) but were going out there march 3 to try it out just want to know what to expect when we went.
have yall been to red clay hill "i think its called" there in vidor
no i havent been to red clay hill, but i was told there right by each other
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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